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When I was starting out in the joinery trade, nearly two decades ago, I was constantly frustrated and disappointed by the lack of care and attention to detail which was commonplace in the market. All too often I saw shoddy work, done by sloppy tradesman ending up with shabby results. I started The Handmade Door Company because I wanted to change that culture.

Ever since I started handmaking our own bespoke timber doors, I have focused on achieving excellence for our clients, which is at core of what I do, and what I believe our business should be.

Understand why I am so passionate about Accoya wooden doors

A new world of sustainable and low maintenance products is available using Accoya wood.

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I love to work in the local area of Sussex and the surrounding counties bringing our exquisite handmade doors to your home.

I am a highly skilled joiner and I take great pride in everything I do. To me, making bespoke timber doors is not just the way I earn our bread, but rather it is a skilled craft that can produce beautiful results that will last a lifetime.

All of our traditional, modern and period front doors, French doors and Bi-fold doors are handmade in our Sussex workshop. Nothing is supplied off the shelf, which is why I am prepared to put guarantees on everything I do. 

Whether you live in an Edwardian cottage, a palatial mansion or a terraced townhouse you can be sure that the style, quality and finish of your doors are the most crucial factors in determining what kind of first impression the building makes.

A well designed and constructed set of timber doors will add a touch of rustic style to any home, far surpassing the elegance that can be offered by even the most expensive man-made materials.

Most high street home improvement companies push the installation of off the shelf UPVC windows and doors, and while UPVC products are perfectly functional, they are rarely described as attractive, and will do little to add character to your home.

What many people don’t realise is that when choosing wood there is no need to compromise on the functional benefits of man-made materials like longevity, insulation and security.

Recent advances in manufacturing processes and wood treatment now mean that wooden doors are now at least matching, and in many cases outperforming, their man-made counterparts. As a result, wooden doors are fast becoming the number one choice for Sussex homeowners.

"Solid wood doors made with love to last a lifetime."

What makes wood an even more attractive prospect is a new kind of wood, called Accoya wood, which has revolutionised what I am able to do with wood in the home. So if you want to make an unmissable and long lasting change to the appearance of your home, installing a custom designed front door will do just that. There really has never been a better time to choose wood.

I am truly passionate about Accoya here at The Handmade Door Company. I hope that you will have a better understanding of why I recommend Accoya and why you should choose The Handmade Door Company for your home.

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