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Unlike many other door and window companies The Handmade Door Company offers customers an array of options on finishes.

That way you have a choice of how and who paints or varnishes your new door. I can either supply your new bespoke wooden door primed ready to be installed and painted by either yourselves or a professional painter and decorator. Or, I can arrange for it to be professionally sprayed in a wide range colours from RAL paint specturm of colours available from Teknos Paints. 

Here are the options I can offer to complete the finish to your bespoke wooden door.

Hand painted doors

This is by far the most requested finished to my handmade doors. It provides the customer the freedom and finish that they expect from a properly fitted and glazed bespoke (if applicable) wooden door which is then painted in situe by a professional decorator or by the customer themselves.

Here are some of the main pro’s and con’s of painted doors.

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Painted after installation

A hand painted finish by a professional decorator after the door is installed ensures a perfect finish with no defects.

Flawless finish

For a perfect flawless finish, Doors are much better being painted after installation.

Arrange it yourself

You get to choose when and who to paint your door around your lifestyle.

Get other jobs done

Often other decorating projects need doing when customers have a new door made and this can tie in with your door painting.

Choose your own decorator

You may have a preferred decorator or even may choose to paint your new door yourself.

Ask us for a recommendation

I can recommend painter and decorators depending on your location.


Inconvenience to arrange

Not suitable if you do not have the time to arrange painting or want the inconvenience of doing it yourself.

Professionally sprayed doors

Some of our customers want a complete turn key solution for the new wooden door. They don’t want the hassle or inconvenience or arranging for their door to be painted after fitting. If this is you, then you would be best suited to our professionally sprayed door finish option.

Here are some of the main pro’s and con’s of sprayed doors.


Huge range of colours

I can arrange to spray your door to any RAL colour using world class Teknos paints systems.

No hassle

This option is best for those who do not want the hassle of painting.

Long lasting

Spray painted finishes have a lifespan on Accoya of 10-12 years.

View the colour choices

To view more about Teknos Paints and colour schemes visit Teknos Paints


Look too perfect

Sprayed doors can look a bit to perfect and do not suit every property.

Can look like UPVC

To some it can look to much like UPVC door so not always best option if replacing a UPVC door.

At risk during install

Risks of minor marks/scuffing when installing (our installers will take care of those on install)


More expensive than an average painter and decorator charges.


Longer lead time on production.

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Stained doors

Another popular finish I provide to our wooden doors is oil staining. I only ever use Osmo Oils to give the perfect, natural and long-lasting protective finish to handmade doors.

Here are some of the main pro’s and con’s of oil stained doors.

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Natural wood finish

Brings out the natural grain in Accoya and Oak doors.

Hard wearing protection

Proven finish over decades in all kinds of climatic conditions – does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

Reduces risk of swelling or warping

The microporous, breathable finish allows the wood to breath and reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage.

Fit and forget

Can be applied before doors installation.

Easy maintenance

Easily apply further coats when needed with a brush or cloth.

Range of finishes

Door stain oil range of products for External Doors and Windows can be seen at Osmo.


Requires maintenance

Not suitable if you do not have the time to maintain the finish from time to time or want the inconvenience of doing it yourself.

Our door types

Made from solid Accoya wood (or Solid European Oak) I design, build & install all of our handmade doors to your exact requirements in our Sussex based workshop

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